The Anatomy of a Typical Climate Unit


Since the assumption was first conceived  of Global Warming of the earth through the inevitable increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide as the earth wams, enhanced by the burning of coal and other fossil fuels through humanity's industrialisation (see Meterologist John Coleman's  "The Amazing Story Behind the Global Warming Scam"
),  through the continuing contribution from termites and the release of gases from solution in the oceans and other water, as they warm, debate has raged, since the 1950s,  between some areas of the science community, concerning the degree to which such increases in this gas might contribute to the warming, if any, of the planet.

As is well known, this debate has entered into the areas of politics, economics and social policy, most of which provide a battery of arguments, such as those loudly and constantly proclaimed by proponents of action to reduce "carbon" (dioxide) emissions by such luminaries as the economists Ross Garnaut and John Quiggin, whose understanding of the effects of carbon dioxide in the atmophere sits very comfortably on the negative side of zero.  Similarly paleantologist Tim Flannery, lawyers Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten and many others, have added an addled array of ridiculous commentary  as well as the general commentariate on such Left Wing blog sites, such as that supported by several, obviously fund starved, universities, the $6,000,000 per annum, "The Conversation" at

Climate Science and Climate Scientists:

In the following pages, the staff, their qualifications and a list of typical research publications, are shown, to indicate the emphasis on purely geographic and biological aspects of what is euphemistically referred to as "Climate Change", a terminology very deliberately chosen to mislead the public into accepting that every slightly unusual weather event, every snowfall (or not!), every drought, every flood, extreme heat asw ellas extreme cold, could be defined as being the result of Global Climate Change arising from the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide. 
The presence of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere  causes warming of the planet because even very small comcentrations of this gas, along with water vapour and several others which have infra-red radiation absorption bands which coincide with parts of the black body spectrum produced by the surface of the earth and ocean, at temperatures of about 220 K to 320 K (-53 C to 47 C).  The  absorpsorption of this radiation increases the temperature of the air above the surface by something of the order of 1 C, as will be described in subsequent pages, at a later time.
Claims and Counter Claims Regarding the Global Warming Hypothesis:
In order to observe the basis for the wild clamour for restrictions on the output of carbon dioxide, an activity associated with the cheapest production of significant electrical and mechanical power in the world, and which, with proper direction and without misguided controls, will undoubtedly raise millions of the poor of this world out of their wretched poverty every year, it is  very interesting to examine the credentials of those in the background who develop ideas upon which this wide ranging commentary and ill informed commentary relies.  With little, if any, regard for the fact that the world's output from the consumption of cheap power, will enable richer nations to continue, and even increase, the activities of smelting metals, manufacturing essential building parts and a wide vsriety innovative devices for the benefit of all members of the world community.  
Approximately every five years, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, publishes a grand report of many hundreds of pages and with over 5,000 "scientific" and "general" references, demonstrating that:
1. The globe is warming faster than we thought 2.  All coastal regions and in particular islands of the Pacific are in very real danger of being flooded by rising sea water - which continues to rise at approximately the same measured rate as it has since the LIA over 300 years ago!  3.  The Arctic will be clear of ice in less than thirty years 4. Crops will fail, rainfall will be halved, storms will be doubled
and all because of increases in the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide. 

In this,  the IPCC is supported in the production of such unequivocal advice, which comes equipped with no fewer than 10 citations mentioning carbon dioxide out of the some 5,300 presented for consideration, by an army of highly specialised climate "scientists" in various stables or "Units" populated by many of the most senior geographers available, often assisted in their determination of the "delays in the annual breeding of butterflies" by a biologist, a meteorologist and on some rare occasions a physicist, none of the latter having provided any insight into the behiour of the radiation-carbon dioxide interaction related to Global warming, being more familiar with fluids, planetary atmospheres or geophysics. 

An example of the importance of the selection of relevant fields of interest among the members of a unit is provided by a glance at the research programmes of the thirty or so memebrs of the Climate Unit at UNSW in Sydney, many if not all of whom, one would think, should be usefully employed in determining just how likely is it that reducing the out put of anthropogenic carbon will save the world from an ummitigated disaster in the years 2050 and beyond.  This list will allow readers to form opinions for themselves as to how likely we are, in the near future,  to be presented with a proper quantum mechanical calculation making full and accurate use of the well known Schwartzchild equation for radiation transfer throug a field of active gases, to determine the real effect of carbon dioxide in warming the earth, in heating the atmophere, in promoting consequent convection and air circulation as well as determing high altitude radiation from the atmospheric green house gases, providing a channel for the cooling of the earth, which either widens or narrows as the density of the active gas increases. 
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